Monday, May 26, 2008

Too New York For Cork

There's a walk you gotta have to escape with your life in some parts of this City. Happily striding to Hercules' Theme is too New York for Cork.

"Hey yeooo!", he yells from the other side of the street wid his skanger mates. He's a skanger too. "You're a langer!" He tells me this while giving me de middle finger, gesticulatorily that is not literally. He thinks I'd like it literally though.

There's a walk you used to have to have called "the gatch", this was a way of arching backwards shoulders broadened, which said, "don't mess wid me boy". Maybe it was a way of keepin' yer arse outta trouble.

I better practise it or I may never make it to Hercules and Love Affair in the Academy Dublin on Sunday. Lot of Blind people walking the streets.

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